As we rise to overcome the challenges of the transition to clean energy and a low carbon economy, ENGIE draws on three areas of expertise: electricity, natural gas, and energy services. The Group is developing innovative, effective solutions for all of its customers, whether households or professionals, towns or regions, businesses or industry, in the following key sectors: renewable energies, energy efficiency, natural gas, LNG, and the digital technology of the future.

Power Generation

ENGIE operates 750 plants around the world that use the most carbon-light energy sources available, such as hydropower, onshore, offshore and floating wind, photovoltaic and thermal solar, onshore and marine geothermal, biomass, biogas and marine energy. In 2016, they provided more than 500 terawatt-hours of power and heat, the equivalent of Canada’s total annual consumption. 14 Group Core Business Power ENG

Natural Gas & LNG

The Group’s traditional area of expertise, ENGIE’s gas sector incorporates traditional activities based around the supply, distribution, trade, and sale of gas, as well as the use of new gas technologies. The Group harnesses its expertise for an integrated approach to innovation in the transport and storage of gas, as well as the development of biogas and Power to Gas solutions. 14 Group Core Business NG ENG

Energy services

ENGIE offers a comprehensive range of energy services, combining innovative digital technology with new uses for energy, to provide an ever more competitive response to the needs of all of our customers. The Group has identified 6 strategic focus areas as drivers of positive and responsible innovation: sustainable mobility, decentralized energy, connected buildings, territories, hydrogen and energy storage. 14 Group Core Business Services ENG