Solar ENSolar

In China:

Projects are located in 28 provinces in China

Full localization – Unisun’s performance

Digital technology: Uper operates 1.2 GW PV assets, biggest third-party PV O&M provider in China


Capacity in operation:1,849 MW, Under construction:1,219 MW

Our Services:

Design, invest, build, operate and maintain your solar plant (rooftop PV or Utility scale)

Integrate Solar PV with Wind Power and Energy Storage, depending your needs


In China:

55 MV project for Wahaha Group, 25 years contract

60 MW project for Zhengzhou Wanbang Group, 20 years contract

10 MW project for Unilever Group in Hefei, 25 years contract


In June 2017, 82 MW PV project located in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (France) came into service. CO2 reduction – 50,000 tons / year




Onshore wind capacity: In Operation 4,791 MW, Under construction 1,345 MW

2.5 GW offshore wind power experience in 20 years

More than 40% market share (offshore wind booster station) in Europe

Professional Company: Fabricom & Tractebel

Our services:

Design, Invest, Build, Operate and Maintain your wind farm (distributed wind or utility scale)

Integrate wind power with PV and Storage, depending your needs

Some References :

Tarfaya Morocco onshore project, as the 301 MW capacity onshore windfarm, ENGIE sign the BOOT contract with client for 20 years, which the capacity generates 40% of Morocco’s wind power each year.

Viana do Castelo Portugal floating offshore project, is composed of 4 wind turbines, which the generated capacity is 25 MW. ENGIE has the technical lead of the project.


Energy Storage


Installed power 1,557 MWp

79 micro-grid

57 MW grid support

75 MWh energy storage

Our Services:

Design, invest, build, operate and maintain your energy storage system

Integrate Energy Storage with Solar PV and Wind Power, depending on your needs

Some References:

Maldives PV& Storage project, PV generating capacity is 1.8 MWp, storage installed capacity is 0.5 MW/0.6 MWh with Sodium Nickel chemistry battery, the DG is 8 MWA and the power conversion system is 2.4 MW full virtual inertia DROOP

New Caledonia Project, the storage installed capacity is 5.4 MW/5.0 MWh, power conversion system is 5.4 MVA, the total hybrid power plants number is 10,115




Dozens of District heating supply projects which are fueled by gas and biomass (wood, stalk, etc.)

Our Services:

Design, Invest, build, operate and maintain your biomass plants, providing green power and heating solutions.

Some References:

Biomassacentrale De Brug Project, biomass fired boilers for client: The Wonen West-Brabant housing cooperation

EADS ASTRIUM project, heating supply to 30 industrial and commercial buildings by 80% wood and 20% gas


Carbon TradingCarbon Trading

Total carbon traded worldwide 306 million tons by ENGIE.

Our services:

Access to the market: provide competitive pricing for the volume our client would like to trade

Professional consultation service 

Optimize allocation:

– Tailor-made solutions to meet client’s specific needs
– Mid to long-term price hedging for carbon to mitigate our client’s market risk
– Repo, provide competitive funding to our client utilizing carbon asset
– Financing green projects, provide financial aid to help our client’s project to take off

Who we are?(

We are member of the largest carbon exchanges in the world, ICE and EEX

We are member of pilot exchanges in China, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shenzhen

We are working with the largest SOEs and listed companies in the energy sector to get ready for China’s national ETS, which will soon become the largest carbon market in the world


Green Attribute

Who we are? (

Advanced service provider to assist the pioneer companies to meet their carbon-free commitment

Our services:

Tailor-made solutions to enable client to reach decarbonation targets

Exchangeable among all clients’ sites

Innovative digital offers, based on blockchain and IOT technologies, will enable a 100% traceability of your green certificates

Some References:

L’Oréal China Project: assignment of 5,000+ Renewable Attribute Certificates per year, 7-year contract.


1District Cooling

In the world:

No. 1 district cooling operator worldwide

320 projects around the world

Rich O&M experience

Our services:

Design, invest, build, operate and maintain your district cooling network

Some References:

Worldwide :

Climespace – a solution against concentration of heat in cities

  • Cooling Sqm is 5 million ㎡
  • 35% less electricity consumption                                                          
  • 50% less CO2 emission
  • Over 600 clients including Louvre, Royal Opera House, Galeries Lafayette etc.                

climespace logo





2012 London Olympic Park 

  • 24% Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • 40% Savings in energy consumption
  • 75% of area electricity needs covered

lodon Olympic logo





In China:

Danzishi Project

  • Contract type: Concession since 2014 to 2030
  • Connection area: 220,000 m2
  • The project was awarded the first prize of China’s Distributed Energy Excellence Project in 2015.
  • On May 2011, Chongqing CBD central cooling and heating project obtained the Chongqing City Renewable Energy Construction Demonstration Projects Awards.

Smart industry

Smart Industry

More than EUR 10 billion turnover in services for the industrial sector in France and overseas

Our service:

Comprehensive solutions in smart process & engineering, energy & utilities and operations & maintenance for Industrial buildings and sites

HVAC, refrigeration and fire protection services for a wide range of industries including marine, clean process solutions (pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, F&B etc.) and nuclear

Some References

Clean process infrastructures for Sanofi, Soitec, STM microelectronics

HVAC and electromechanical installation for ITER (International thermonuclear experimental reactor)


Service for building_meitu_5Services for Building

More than EUR 20 billion turnover in smart buildings and facilities management services

Our services:

Infrastructure: energy networks and flux, lighting

Energy efficiency: electricity, gas, water, waste

User services: data, location-based services

Operational efficiency: space management, maintenance, air quality

Security: fire detection, video surveillance, access control, risk management

Some References:


A 50-year energy management contract with Ohio State University in the United States

Consisting of 485 buildings

In a 50-year concession partnership

Reducing energy use by at least 25% in the first ten years of the contract

A goal of gradually improving the sustainability of the whole campus

Signature elements of the Comprehensive Energy Management Project include:

Operation and optimization of the university’s utility system

Construction of new Energy Advancement and Innovation Center for energy research and commercialization

Smart building- Ohio State University

Utility management concession with the University of Iowa toward a zero-carbon transition

ENGIE will operate, maintain, optimize, and improve the on-campus utility systems for the University. The scope includes providing heating, cooling, and power to the campus through a dedicated network and managing high quality and sanitary water and storm sewer services. 

A 50-year concession valued at more than $1 billion USD

Two campuses spanning 1,700 acres in Iowa City, one of the largest University footprints in the US


Service – Green Mobility

ENGIE China develops an offer around green mobility through its affiliate EV Chong, based in Shanghai. Our services cover more than 100 cities, focusing on semi-public and private charging.

Our services:

Design, invest, build, operate and maintain your charging point and charging platform

Some References:


Installed 75,000 Charging points with more than 10 years experiences

In China:

Installed 40,000 private charging points, cooperation with more than 15 OEM

Collaborate with 300+communit, 2,100+community shared charging points in operation

Installed fast charging points in several provinces: Jiangsu, Guangdong …