ENGIE China’s solution, the “FAST” charging, has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

This solution features and integrates a cost-driven smart power management tool and a cost-competitive battery storage system with fast chargers.

Experts from the Solar Impulse Foundation clearly valued such an integration as:

–       It provides dynamic allocation of power resources to different chargers based on real-time charging situations,

–       It preserves and enhances the user experience,

–       It increases flexibility and generates additional profits.

The FAST charging solution was developed jointly with EVChong, a joint venture of ENGIE. Founded in 2014, EVChong is specialized in providing comprehensive mobility services including private charging installation, semi-public charging and fast charging development.

The label awarded by the Solar Impulse Foundation is a recognition of the efficiency of our FAST solution to protect the environment and accelerate the zero-carbon transition.


About the Solar Impulse Foundation

The Solar Impulse Foundation was launched to bridge the gap between ecology and economy by reducing our impact on the environment while promoting economic development. To achieve this, the Foundation actively looked for innovative solutions in order to identify and label 1,000 clean, efficient and cost-effective solutions. Highlighting these technologies shall support authorities and other decision-makers to set more ambitious environmental objectives and energy policies.

As a leader in energy transition, ENGIE has been devoted to providing energy efficient solutions to customers worldwide. To date, 12 solutions from ENGIE have received the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, and we intend to go much further!

FAST charging

The FAST charging solution has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.