Being a socially responsible company, ENGIE China has always been deeply concerned with the environment, from ambition to action. From the aspect of office management, we have a deep conviction that improving office energy efficiency and providing a green office environment is both beneficial to the environment and to the safety and health of all the colleagues.

In Shanghai, the city’s first regulation on domestic waste management will take effect from July 1st 2019. The regulation mainly focuses on ensuring separate transportation of different kinds of garbage and improving the waste treatment facilities. According to the regulation, household trash is divided into 4 categories – dry garbage, wet garbage (kitchen waste), recyclables and hazardous waste.

To align with the government policy, and also for providing a more healthy and safe working environment for the employees, in June, 2019, ENGIE China Office Management team changed the original trash bins to classified garbage bins and put up posters to call upon the action of all colleagues in Shanghai office for the garbage classification.


 For the smooth transition to garbage classification, the Office Management Team also organized a Chinese version training with Shanghai colleagues to explain how to realize effective garbage classification.


Hug to the greener, healthier and more dynamic working environment in Shanghai!