On 27 May 2018, the 13th Meeting of International Business Leaders Advisory Council(IBLAC) for the Mayor of Beijing was held in China World Hotel in Beijing. Mr. Gérard Mestrallet, Honorary Chairman of ENGIE Group, attended the meeting and presented an advisory paper entitled Winning in the New Digital Age through Creating a Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA).

The presentation looked at the critical elements of the emerging urban energy landscape characterized by digital transformation. It particularly introduced the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park project with Engie digital solutions in London. The project was designed, financed, constructed and now operated by ENGIE, through a 40-year Concession Agreement, the longest district energy services concession agreement in the UK.

The main recommendation was that the Beijing municipal government should establish a Beijing Office of Data Analytics (BODA), in order to support the Mayor, the Municipal government, and the authorities in the Jing-Jin-Ji region in harnessing big data to: deliver better public services; reduce ecological footprint; and accelerate the integration of Jing-Jin-Ji.

The IBLAC for the Mayor of Beijing was initiated in 1999. IBLAC members include chairmen and CEOs of the world’s best-known multinational corporations. Currently, IBLAC has 31 members from internationally renowned multinational corporations. The IBLAC meeting draws on the international experience of the member advisers to further develop Beijing and to help multinational corporations better understand the city. It provides an important forum for an exchange of views with Beijing.


ENGIE Supports the Sustainable Development of Cities in China

ENGIE strives to contribute to the sustainable development of cities and to improve the quality of life of citizens. In this regard, ENGIE actively supports the sharing of best practices and participates in international forums and advisory councils devoted to urban development.

Mr. MESTRALLET, Honorary Chairman of ENGIE Group, has been an advisor to the Mayor of Shanghai since 2000, within the framework of the IBLAC Shanghai.

Mr. MESTRALLET is also an active member of the International Economic Advisory Council of the Mayor of Chongqing (CMIA). The CMIA was established in 2006, with Mr. MESTRALLET being the first Executive Chairman, and he will be the CMIA’s Executive Chairman again starting from this year.

In 2016, Mr. MESTRALLET was appointed as an Advisor of the International Business Leaders Advisory Council of Beijing (IBLAC Beijing).

In 2017, at the first meeting of the Advisory council of the Mayor of Jinan, Ms. Charlotte ROULE, Chairperson & CEO of ENGIE China, was appointed as Advisor to the Mayor of Jinan.