ENGIE China recently acquired 34 operational distributed rooftop PV assets developed by UNISUN, serving green power to 34 factories for Wahaha Group, China’s No.1 food & beverage manufacturing enterprise. The total installed capacity is around 55 MW, composed of 34 subprojects located in 21 cities in 16 provinces of China.


This project will be the largest distributed rooftop PV initiative in the world, and it confirms ENGIE Group’s strategy towards both decarbonization and decentralization, and it marks a milestone of ENGIE China’s business in China’s green electricity field. With a total annual electricity generation of more than 60 million kWh, the project will cover 80% of Wahaha Group’s power consumption in China, which will fulfill the commitment of Wahaha Group to the society as a “Green and Smart Manufacturer”.

Considering the number of subprojects in different regions, it provides the opportunity to launch energy storage solutions, energy service and electricity/carbon emission/green certificate trading to prepare the future, so that ENGIE can be positioned as comprehensive energy provider in front of our clients all over China.