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Shanghai, October 20, 2019 – Mr. Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENGIE, accompanied by Charlotte Roule, ENGIE China CEO, attended the 31st International Business Leaders Advisory Council for the Mayor of Shanghai (Shanghai IBLAC) and delivered a speech titled “Developing a Zero-carbon Transition Roadmap in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region.” This year, Shanghai IBLAC dedicated to the theme: Enhancing the capacity and core competitiveness of Shanghai.

Mr. Clamadieu’s speech focused on promoting the integrated and high-quality development of the YRD region. His primary recommendation was that the YRD region should, acting as a pioneer of China and the world, develop a roadmap for zero-carbon transition in a bid to reduce ecological footprint and accelerate the transition to a new open economy, making the region attractive for “global resources, funds, technology and talent.” He also emphasized that zero-carbon transition is both feasible and achievable and the technologies are available today.


Before attending the Shanghai IBLAC, Mr. Clamadieu also attended the Green Mobility Day organized by ENGIE China and its subsidiary, EVCHONG, for customers, partners and stakeholders. “Green Mobility is fully part of ENGIE overall zero-carbon offers for cities. Our objective is to contribute to adoption of clean energies and to an efficient usage of energy for mobility,” Mr. Clamadieu said. 

Founded in 1989 by Shanghai Mayor, Zhu Rongji, who later became Chinese Premier from 1998 to 2003, the IBLAC is composed of Chairmen and CEOs of the world’s best-known multinational corporations and serves as a platform for industry leaders across a wide range of sectors as well as geographies to contribute their expertise and ideas to the urban development of Shanghai.

ENGIE has been a member of Shanghai IBLAC since 2000, and we have seen the city grow into a truly global business and economic powerhouse. I am proud that we have contributed to Shanghai as well as China’s remarkable development. We are committed to becoming your long-term, trusted partner,” Mr. Clamadieu said.